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No one said it was going to be easy!


Success in both life and business needs a plan.

It’s not just the plan that is important. It is how you implement that plan.

GLR Consultant Services can provide the direction and processes to get

you and your business where you need to be.



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Personal Coaching — Getting Life Right

It’s all about taking control of your life and leaning in the direction that you want to go. You may be ready to uncover your career aspirations, make a transition in your life, understand how to deal with change, make a tough personal or business decision. Maybe you just want more balance in your life. We all have our own aspirations. GLR Consultant Services have proven models that will help you achieve your definition of Getting Life Right.

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People Development — Sales Training & Coaching

As a company, what is your most valuable resource? Your people. GLR Consultant Services offers a variety of customized models that help develop and maximize potential. Our models focus on developing consistent processes for selling, coaching, personal development as well as introducing and adapting to change.

Finding The Right Bridge Will Lead To Success

Founder: Mike Crone

Mike has enjoyed a successful career in the corporate world spanning over 3 decades. He progressed his career over the years and held senior level Director positions in multiple areas of specialization including Business Transformation (Change Management), Sales/Management Training, Sales & Field Marketing. All of these roles allowed Mike to successfully coach, train and mentor hundreds of people in both their business and personal lives.

Mike has a degree in Business with a Major in Marketing. He is certified with both the Certified Coaching Federation (CCF) and the Prosci Change Management program.

After several company moves, Mike and his wife have settled in Calgary, Alberta where they have been living for the past 12 years.

Mike’s passions lay with his family, friends, sharing a smile and a laugh and of course, helping people achieve their definition of Getting Life Right.

Taking Steps To Getting Life Right

Mike’s Perspective

Join in the conversation with Mike as he shares his perspective on the ups and downs, the yin and yang of personal, life and business challenges.

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Fireside Chats – Formal 1:1’s

A misunderstood performance management tool is formal one to ones or what I call Fireside Chats.
Whenever I ask clients if they have formal one to ones with their manager at work the most common answer is “no”.
In most cases their formal one to one’s in their mind is mid and full year performance reviews.
These are not formal Fireside Chats!
A Fireside Chat is a scheduled monthly meeting between an employee and their manager.
The meeting has consistent structure, timing, format and purpose.
Fireside Chats are by far the most effective performance management tool that I have ever used.

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How Can You Improve Execution If There Is No Bar?

Raising the bar can mean many things.

The bar could be a target, a goal or an accomplishment.

I am talking about raising the bar on execution.

Let me explain myself.

I have written in the past about coaching and people development and the impact that it has on your life and your career.

Great coaches have systems and processes.

More commonly known as “standards”.

These standards set “the bar”.

They are the specific details around “how” you are supposed to do something.

“How can I improve if I am not sure how I am supposed to do it in the first place?”

In the sporting world having standards in place are a given for successful coaches.

However, this can be a fundamental flaw in any business model.

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Get Into The Game People Managers And Act Like A Coach!

Do you ever wonder why professional athletes have coaches?

After years and years of playing their sport at the highest levels you would think they know everything there is to know.

That could not be farther from the truth.

Every professional athlete knows that a great coach can take their game and their team to new levels.

Great coaches leave a mark that lasts forever.

So why doesn’t that apply in the world of business?

Coaches coach to get the most out of their players which results in winning.

Why don’t all people managers in business do the same?

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