Leadership Culture

Leadership Culture

I recently took a management team through a session on leadership culture.

It is important to understand that a leadership culture can look differently in any organization.

The end result should be how the organization is positively impacted when you have a group of people acting and behaving like leaders.

More importantly you don’t have to be at a senior level to be a leader.

You need leaders at all levels of an organization.

They help raise the bar on performance by taking smart risks and pushing the limits to what can be done.

This is how organizations continue to challenge the expected and exceed expectations.

If you do not have people breaking from the pack then the status quo becomes the norm and growth is difficult.

However, at a senior level you should have a pack of leaders and not individual leaders.

I am not sure I have heard a management team called a “pack of leaders” but that should be the mentality.

This pack of leaders operates with the same guiding principles, vision and common goals.

They act as a collective and their influence and impact is exponentially magnified through out an organization when they act and behave like a leadership team.

Senior leaders acting together brings a sense of unification and builds trust within an organization.

It creates consistency in messaging. Clarity on objectives and how to achieve those objectives.

They take the grey areas and turn them into black or white.

I have often said that people do not understand the impact that they have on others.

You impact others by what you say, what you do, how you do it, how you act and how you behave.

The impact could be positive and exactly what was intended.

The impact could be the opposite and have negative implications that may not be reversible.

As leaders in an organization the kind of impact you have on people really depends on the type of leadership culture that exists.

No one wins when you have a pack of leaders all running in different directions and  employees have to figure out who they follow!

Are you part of a pack or are you a lone wolf!




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