A Word About Mike

Mike certainly has a proven track record of adapting and embracing change in the work environment, as he has held a number of different positions throughout his career. I have had numerous discussions with Mike about business, but more importantly we have discussed life, relationships, children, dreams and setbacks. I have always valued Mike’s perspective on the previous discussions. Personal and Business Coaching is a perfect fit for him, as he is a good listener and a proven team builder.

Randy M

Kelowna, BC

Mike has a talent to create & cultivate strong people connections. Sounds corny, but he really cares about people and genuinely is concerned about helping others be the best they can be on a daily basis. He gets it. Mike is a passionate and personable leader who cares about getting it right with people.

Jeff A

Toronto, Ontario

Mike and I have known each other for a number of years and I am thankful for the support that Mike has provided me both personally and professionally. Mike is empathetic, compassionate, a strong communicator, an especially great listener and someone who truly cares about people. If you are looking for a Life Coach, a Mentor or someone just to talk through a unique or challenging situation, than Mike is your guy.

Simon B

Calgary, Alberta

I really enjoyed working with Mike over this past year to develop consistencies across our business and improve our overall performance in a changing business climate. Mike worked extremely well with a high performance team and was able to build trust with key stakeholders and had them champion some of the changes we wanted to implement. Mike’s presentation style was informative and non-threatening which further enhanced the success of the initiatives we implemented over this past year. We look forward to working with Mike again to build on many of our key training priorities.

Colin M. Campbell

VP Sales, Western Canada, Andrew Peller Limited

Mike is an extremely talented and professional educator and speaker. Our company connected with Mike to deliver a variety of sales coaching skills to our Management Team and a follow-up meeting with our Sales Force. Prior to our Western Canada meetings, Mike traveled in-market with sales reps and made observations, corresponded via emails and followed up with phone calls to the Sales Managers to ensure he was capturing our needs. This set us up for success.

I have jumped fully on-board with Mike’s teachings and in a few short months have seen the value added to my team and a much more organized approach to how we go to market. I strongly recommend to any Sales Team, or any individual that wants to keep moving forward and staying competitive, to look up Mike and GLR Consultant Services. You won’t be disappointed.

Dale S

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Mike has the great ability to connect with people. His approachable style has been very well received by our company and he has been a pleasure to work with. Our company is undergoing significant change in the way we do business and Mike has been a big help managing through this. I would recommend Mike to any person or company that is looking to make a change.

Sean M

Vancouver, BC

Mike is very much a people-person – he asks thoughtful questions and he cares.  He has experienced and successfully led change in a wide variety of areas over his 30-year career.  He has very high personal integrity, is completely trustworthy, and consistently delivers on his promises.

Linda T

Calgary, AB

I worked with Mike for many years on important transformations for sales teams.  Throughout those years I appreciated the reliability and loyalty of Mike.  During change, having someone like Mike that listens really well and has the ability to calm and bring solutions that will meet our goals is precious.  Those skills were appreciated by our whole team and many colleagues in other departments & teams that also relied on Mike for advice, coaching and support. Mike truly cares about people and with his various experiences in many departments, I am convinced that he will be really successful and appreciated by his customers.

Justine G.

Montreal, QC

I worked with Mike for several years and would recommend him as a resource if you are looking to manage your life goals or your business while the ground continually shifts beneath your feet. I have seen him successfully lead teams through structure change and uncertain business climates by grounding his decisions in company strategy within a structured process and empowering his people to drive the results. Mike inspires confidence in those that work with him and his personal style allows him to be an authentic leader who people turn to in times of turmoil.

Daryn M.

Vancouver, BC

As I look back over my Human Resources career, there are a handful of leaders who truly stand out as being exceptional.  Mike is at the very top of that list.  Throughout the six years we worked together I consistently saw a leader who genuinely cared about his staff and made it a priority to bring out the best in each of them.  Even as the work environment shifted and changed (which it did on a regular basis!), you could count on Mike’s professionalism, coaching, integrity and willingness to listen.  I’m fortunate to have worked with and learned from him.

Kerri L.

Calgary, AB

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